Painting Portfolio

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Whimsical Willow Candyland. 36x48in The Summer  Floating. 48x36in   Yukon Sunset Sym-bear-osis Seahorse Butterfly Creatures as Confused as I Am No.9 Big Eyed Orca  Toque Mushroom. 8x8in  Fungeyes Bumble Pig Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 1. 8x8in Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 4 Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 2 Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 3 Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 4 Creatures as Confused as I Am No. 5 Creatures as confused as I Am No. 7 Fungeyes Bumble Pig Fungeyes Fungeyes  I'm Like a Bird Gem Pencil Crayon Drawing  "Absorb" 2019  The Llama Duck Bumble Pig  Alone Together Fungeyes Energy of the Mountains No.1 Energy of the Mountains No.3 Energy of the Mountains No. 2 Energy of the Mountains No.8 Teal Habitation Indigo Landscape Sailboat Sunlit Forest Orcas IslandRed Mushroom  California Sunset  CollageCommunity Energy Energetic Connection  Human Connection      

Pet Portraits and Animals

Otis Charlie Corgi Whimsical Willow Girl with cat portrait Luna Pet Portrait Tuna  Dog and Cat Luna Chocolate Lab Kenzie Boomer the Beagle Donut the Dog Patches the Dog Hummingbird bear bear Rainbow Duck Titan the Tiger Autumn Bear Little Cow Duck Sunglasses Duck Stuck Again Deer in Meadow Alpaca